Tire Care

Tire Care and Maintenance

Tire Care and Maintenance
By Maintaining Your Tires, You Can Avoid Baldness, Punctures, and Keep Yourself Out of Danger While on the Road.

At People’s Choice Auto Repair, we want our customers in Oak Ridge, TN, Knoxville, TN, and surrounding areas to remain on top of tire performance and adhere to maintenance schedules outlined in their owner’s manual. Your safety and comfort is our top priority. When you need help with tire care in Knoxville, TN, Oak Ridge, TN, or the surrounding areas, give People’s Choice Auto Repair a call at (865) 272-3379 or stop by our shop at 106 Melton Lake Dr. in Oak Ridge, TN.

More than one may think, tires contribute to the performance of your vehicle. Properly maintaining your tires can protect your investment by extending the life of your tires. Regularly checking your tire pressure, balancing and rotating your tires, and choosing the properly sized replacement tires based on handling and, most importantly, safety, will contribute to proper and consistent performance.

Use the following tips to help you stay on top of tire maintenance:

  • Check tire pressure to ensure your tires are properly inflated. Improperly inflated tires can cause uneven wear, excess heat, decreased handling and braking (which may cause blowouts), and decreased fuel efficiency. These things can all be improved with properly inflated tires, making your traveling experience more safe overall.
  • Rotating your tires on schedule will help reduce wear. Not rotating your tires can greatly reduce the working life of your tires and reduce overall safety.
  • Balance tires regularly to prevent rough rides and cushion against bumps in the road. Balancing your tires can help keep your ride an enjoyable experience while preventing early wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Install new tires in pairs or sets to prevent instability and handling problems. When you need to install new tires, at least two new tires should be installed at the rear of the vehicle, while the partially worn tires moved to the front of the vehicle.
  • Be attentive of irregular tire damage and wear. Keep an eye out for red flags, such as cracks, penetrations, or protrusions.

Be sure to keep a fully inflated spare tire on hand at all times. You never know when you’re going to need it.106 Melton Lake Dr.

When servicing your tires, make sure that you keep each of these tips in mind. It’s recommended, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), to just take a few minutes out of your time, monthly, to do a thorough check of your tires. There could potentially be other issues that would result in your tires wearing down unevenly and call for immediate correction to be able to get the most out of the tire and overall vehicle performance.

By maintaining tires on a regular basis, you’re able to ensure your safety during when you’re traveling, maximizing the lifespan of the tire, and see improvement in fuel economy, which will have a positive impact on the environment.

When you perform service on your tires or are simply checking them for wear and tear, be sure to keep these tips in mind. There are a number of mechanical issues that may contribute to uneven wear and tear on your tires which may need correction in order to maximize your tire’s life and performance. When you need help with tire care in Oak Ridge, TN, Knoxville, TN, or the surrounding areas, give People’s Choice Auto Repair a call at (865) 272-3379 or stop by our shop at 106 Melton Lake Dr. in Oak Ridge, TN.