The Benefits of a Diesel Engine

The Benefits of a Diesel Engine

For as long as there have been gasoline and diesel engines, there has been debate over which is better. Both models have great benefits and drawbacks that really makes it a choice of preference. However, many drivers don’t realize the many positive attributes a diesel engine can provide.


A diesel engine gets much better gas mileage than its gasoline counterparts, clocking in at as much as a 20%-30% boost. However, for city driving, hybrid vehicles receive about the same gas mileage as a comparable diesel vehicle. Whether you’re looking into a car, SUV, or truck, your savings at the pump could be substantial when you go with a diesel model.


With no spark plugs or distributer, the diesel engine doesn’t rely on a spark to start. A diesel engine is also typically made from more durable parts, making these vehicles able to last up to twice as long as their gas counterparts.


Because of the way diesel burns, diesel engines have more power on takeoff, giving them an advantage over their gas running relatives. This is from the extra torque the engine gains from the quick burning fuel. This torque also lends to more powerful towing capabilities, which means you are capable of pulling heavier loads.

While both engine types have their benefits and drawbacks, if you are looking for power and fuel efficiency, a diesel engine might be for you. If you’re considering making a switch to a diesel vehicle, call the experts at People’s Choice Auto Repair to help you decide which type is best for you.

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