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Reasons for common Audi failures and repairs

Audi has grown to become one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. With sport inspired styling this luxury line of vehicles has stolen the hearts of many. Audis are widely known to use turbo charged engines for added performance, and their Quattro system ensures superior traction with excellent handling. Just as with its parent company, Volkswagen, Audis are on nearly every roadway. Proliferation and popularity, however, beckon criticism, and there are many debates regarding the reliability of certain Audi models.

Here we outline common complaints from Audi owners regarding some popular models.

Audi A6

The A6 is Audi’s answer to the mid-size car market. This model does not have many drivability complaints amongst the Audi-owning community. The most commonly logged complaint on this model is actually related to its electronics. The digital display in the dash cluster tends to fade, or fail altogether. It is not usual for this to happen all at once. Rather, functions of the gauge cluster display often stop working one at a time—a steady and unrelenting darkness enveloping your dash. Why does this happen? Or rather, what causes it? It is most commonly caused by a failed cluster assembly or lighting within the assembly. A repair for this is a replacement of the gauge cluster assembly. Even in darkness, there is hope.

Audi A5

The A5 is considered to be a compact vehicle, found in coupe, convertible, and also five door hatchback formats. Unlike the A6, this model does get some drivability complaints. Some of these unfortunately lead to costly repairs. The most frequently logged complaint on the A5 is related to oil consumption. Some symptoms related to this complaint are: smoking from the exhaust, and/or engine noise due—these are due to a lack of oil in the vehicle. Unfortunately this issue most often goes un-noticed. Until it is too late. If not checked regularly, the oil level can become critically low. This will cause extensive engine damage. This oil consumption issue is believed to be caused by loose tolerances in the piston rings causing oil to pass by. Engine replacement is normally the resolution for this issue. Something we’d all rather avoid.

Audi A4

Let’s turn to the Audi A4. It’s another compact car in Audi’s lineup. Just like the A5, this model has received its fair share of drivability complaints. What is it with the A4? Timing chain failure. Here are three possible indications that the timing chain tensioner has failed: 1. Abnormal noise from the engine area, 2. the Check Engine light illuminates, 3. your vehicle runs rough. This failure would cause the engine not to be in-time, which can cause catastrophic engine damage. If this does occur, you’re looking at an engine replacement.

Audi Q5 Repair

With the compact SUV market growing in popularity, Audi has answered demand with the Q5. It is actually hard to come by significant complaints about this compact, cross-over SUV. With a look to the web, however, we can tell that the most frequently expressed complaint about it is—believe it or not—the sun roof. There are multiple incidents of sun roofs shattering on these vehicles, and with no explicit sign that it is about the happen. One owner even notes that their sun roof shattered after they closed their driver-side front door too hard. We don’t want to freak anybody out—your sun roof may be just fine. Perhaps it is a sign of a generally well-built car that the most shocking issue you could encounter (when the Q5 is well maintained and serviced, of course), is one that you didn’t really see coming.

Audi Q7 Repair

The larger sibling to the Q5 is the popular Q7 model. Most complaints logged for this specific car tend to address earlier versions (prior to the ’15/16). ABS issues seem to have plagued this SUV since its introduction. The failure in this case is the vehicle’s ABS module. This failure will cause a loss of RPM while driving, as well as random activation of the ABS system. Not fun. The most common repair for this issue is a replacement of Q7’s ABS module.

Audi TT Repair

The Audi TT has become very popular as a performance inspired coupe. The curvy body lines of the sport coupe have made the vehicle highly recognizable. Many enthusiasts enjoy letting off some steam by taking the Quattro version of this model to the track. Unfortunately, the Audi TT has been the subject of many complaints concerning its dash cluster assembly. At first the cluster assembly may fade, and eventually it can become un-readable. Just as with the A6, this tends to not happen all at once. Functions on the cluster stop working one at a time. The only remedy for this issue is a replacement of the dash cluster assembly.

Audi has become one of the largest luxury brands in the world. Even with the issues we’ve catalogued here, it is hard to deny that the company will grow even more in popularity in the future.