When To Get Your Car’s A/C Repaired

When To Get Your Car’s A/C Repaired

One of the worst things that can happen to your car is when the air conditioner goes out. It’s a big frustration that can make driving your car brutal. To prevent this from happening in the future, there are signs that your car’s air conditioner needs to be repaired. Below are times you need your A/C repaired.

No Air

The biggest indicator that you need your car’s A/C repaired is when there is no air blowing through the vent. I fuse could have been blown or the air conditioner fan is damaged.

No Cool Air

You turn your car’s A/C to the coldest setting and all you are getting is warm. This is an annoying issue that is most likely caused by a leak in the A/C refrigerant.

Unusual Odors

There are two things you should be aware of in terms of smell. If you smell coolant, you probably have a refrigerant leak. Another smell to be knowledgeable is a musty smell. A musty smell usually signified there is a mold build-up.

Weird Noises

When you turn on your car’s air conditioner, there shouldn’t be a lot of sounds that you hear. A clear sign that you need auto A/C repair is when the air conditioner makes a lot of noise when you turn it on.

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