Fluid Leaks: Strange Colors and What They Mean

Fluid Leaks: Strange Colors and What They Mean

Not all fluid leaks are a sign of the apocalypse, but you definitely need to take them seriously. While your car will typically leak clear, colorless fluid (harmless condensation), you should be on the lookout for other types of fluid leaks. You’re probably already familiar with brown oil leaks, but here are three strange colors you might not recognize. 

Leaking Fluid #1: Green

Antifreeze often appears green as it leaks from your car. A leak could indicate a problem with your car’s hosing, fitting, or radiator. While this might not seem leak an immediate issue during the summer, you’ll want to protect your car and yourself from expensive fluid replacement. Remember, it’s always smart to address the source of a leak sooner, rather than later.

Leaking Fluid #2: Yellow

If you spot yellow fluid oozing out of your vehicle, talk to your mechanic immediately. That yellow fluid could be coolant from your radiator; that’s the coolant that keeps your car from overheating when your driving on the highway. With low fluid levels, your engine can experience reduced engine functionality (or even a complete shutdown). Don’t wait for an emergency to get this fluid replaced.

Leaking Fluid #3: Pink

If you’re spotting pink fluid, you may already be experiencing a drop in maneuvering capability from your steering wheel. Pink liquid can either be from transmissionor steering. Both of these systems are obviously critical for daily functionality.

If you’ve spotted one of these or any other color of fluid leaks, make sure you take your car to the shop. For more information about car maintenance or to schedule an appointment, call our team at __PHONE__.

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