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There are not many automotive manufacturers that have overcome adversity similar to what BMW endured. This elite Bavarian auto maker endured World War II to become one of the top selling luxury brands in the world. At one point in their history, automobiles were not their primary source of income. Both motorcycles, and aircraft engines are what paved the way for this company to join the automotive industry. Now owning other brands such as Land Rover, and Mini has allowed BMW to become well diversified in their offerings. Even having a rich history does not exempt BMW from having it’s faults. Similar to every other major brand on the market, this luxury brand has its own common failures throughout its line up.

Common complaints from vehicle owners for some popular models in this luxury line up


BMW 3 Series Repair

This automaker cannot be discussed without mentioning its best selling series. The BMW 3 series has taken the world by storm since its introduction in 1975. This series is the best selling model of all time for automotive brand. The 3 series has always been a great mix of luxury, and performance which has allowed it to appeal to many throughout the years. Unfortunately for many owners, it is not un-common to find an oil stain in the driveway. The BMW 3 series is well known for having its fair share of oil leaks. The most common culprit for this concern is the valve cover gasket. The only way to correct this issue is by having the valve cover gasket replaced, and any residual oil from the leak removed from the vehicle.

BMW 5 Series Repair

The larger sibling of the 3 series is the 5 series. This series in the BMW line up has risen in popularity since its introduction becoming the second top selling series offered by the auto maker. The mid-size 5 series offers style, luxury, and performance. Lets not forget that it does also offer more interior room then the compact 3 series. There are no shortage of complaints for this series when it comes to the coolant system. There have been many reports that the electric water pump on these vehicles tend to fail over time. This will cause the vehicle to over heat which could cause catastrophic engine damage if left alone. Replacing the electric water pump would cure this issue if does occur.


BMW X5 Repair

BMW has joined the mid-size cross over SUV market when it introduced the X5. This stylish SUV offers amazing road handling paired with a very useful all wheel drive system. Just like the 3 series this model has its fair share of oil leak complaints. The most popular cause for these complaints is once again the valve cover gasket. Many reported either oil stains on the ground, or a burning smell from the engine compartment. The only way to cure this complaint is by replacing the gasket, and cleaning any residual oil from the vehicle.

BMW X6 Repair

The BMW X6 is a very interesting model. The X6 is a pleasant mix between an SUV, and sporty sedan. The higher ground clearance then an average sedan offered by the manufacturer, and all wheel drive make this vehicle very capable of handling almost any situation. Any owner of this vehicle will want to be careful when applying the electric hand brake. There is an issue that will not allow the hand brake to release. BMW has recognized this issue, and offers updated software that should correct this complaint.

BMW M6 Repair

One can not compare BMW models with out offering a performance option. The M6 is the performance version of the 6 series. This vehicle can only be found in a coupe, or convertible. The styling, and performance of the vehicle will please any consumer looking for a luxury sports vehicle. There have been many reports of a noise from the rear of the vehicle while performing slow tight turns. This noise most commonly comes from the rear differential. The first step in repairing this concern is by replacing the rear differential fluid. If this does not correct the noise then replacement of the rear differential may be needed.

BMW offers many vehicles in their line up that posses a wonderful blend between luxury, and performance. There are not many manufacturers that can blend these two attributes together, but BMW has seem to have perfected it. With a rich history, this brand has its own style that no other brand can come close to duplicating. Just like every other automobile manufacturer, this brand does have its common faults. Even with these faults there is nothing that will stop the German brand from growing in popularity, and staying competitive in the luxury automotive world.