Water Pump Repair

Cooling System Repair Service

Your vehicle’s cooling system consists of a cooling fan, a thermostat, a water pump, a radiator, a heater core, heater valve, and various other components that work together to dissipate and remove heat from a vehicle’s engine. The cooling system is responsible for preventing the engine from potentially overheating. Due to the combustion inside your vehicle’s engine, as it operates, excess heat can build up in a variety of places inside the engine. Water pumps are among the most common components in a cooling system to fail. If you think your cooling system may be malfunctioning, call People’s Choice Auto Repair for water pump repair in Oak Ridge, Knoxville, TN, or the surrounding area. Pick up the phone and call us at (865) 272-3379.

When the engine reaches its maximum operating temperatures, the thermostat will open and release antifreeze from the engine into the radiator. The coolant circulates throughout the radiator, which absorbs excess heat as the coolant moves. This antifreeze also serves the added benefit of keeping other fluids inside the engine from getting too hot and boiling or getting too cold and freezing. After the antifreeze moves throughout the engine, it returns to the radiator where the heat escapes through the walls of the radiator.

Cooling System Repair Service
When Your Vehicle’s Water Pump is On the Fritz, Come On In To See One of Our Experienced Mechanics for a Speedy Water Pump Repair.

Benefits of Cooling System and Water Pump Repair

Antifreeze breaks down over time and ultimately loses its efficiency. If you do not regularly drain and replace your old antifreeze, it can corrode components of your cooling system. During a coolant flush and fill, our specialists will drain the antifreeze from your vehicle’s radiator, flush the system, then refill the radiator with all-new antifreeze. The cooling system’s fan circulates air through the radiator and helps pass excess thermal energy out of the engine. If the cooling fan is not working properly, your vehicle’s engine could potentially overheat. We will inspect your vehicle’s cooling fan during an inspection of your cooling system and check for damage to the fan and fan belt, looking for cracks or other damage.

The radiator is responsible for keeping the antifreeze cool as it circulates throughout the vehicle’s cooling system, which means that a leaking or broken radiator or radiator hose can lead to major engine failure. We can check for potential leaks or damage to your vehicle’s radiator with a radiator pressure test. We will ensure your water pump is providing the pressure needed for coolant to flow properly.  If you fail to perform routine cooling system maintenance, you could ultimately need a radiator replacement or major engine repairsDon’t hesitate! If you think you need water pump repair in Oak Ridge or Knoxville, TN, call People’s Choice Auto Repair at (865) 272-3379.