Shock Replacement

Shock Replacement Services

Your shocks are responsible for absorbing road forces and reduce their effect, making the ride more comfortable for the driver and passengers. Shock absorbers are one component of your suspension system, and they help the tires remain in constant contact with the road. By dampening the impact of bumps and other obstructions in the road such as potholes, they absorb the rebound of other suspension components such as the springs. There are front and rear shocks on most vehicles, designed to adjust to changes in the road surface as well as sudden maneuvers. If you need shock replacement in Knoxville, Oak Ridge, TN or the surrounding area, please call People’s Choice Auto Repair at (865) 272-3379.

Shocks also help to reduce your vehicle’s sway, brake dive, acceleration squat, and bounce rate. Modern shocks are sensitive to velocity, meaning they provide more resistance the faster they move. Hydraulic shocks transform kinetic energy into thermal energy. This heat is absorbed by the hydraulic fluid that’s within each shock absorber and dissipates it accordingly. If your suspensions system bounces, the hydraulic fluid is forced through holes inside the piston. This slows the piston’s compression, which slows the movement of the spring and suspension assembly. Some vehicles also make use of electronic or air-cushioned shock systems.

Shock Replacement Services
If You’ve Noticed that Your Vehicle is Bouncing More Than Usual, You May Need a New Shock Absorbers. Give Us a Call.

Do You Need Shock Replacement?

Replacing your vehicle’s shocks will help to ensure maximum performance for your entire suspension system. Each component of your suspension system works in concert, interacting with and depending upon one another to keep your vehicle steady as it traverses bumps, potholes, and sudden maneuvers. Shock absorbers work with your brakes to stop your vehicle as soon as possible once the brake pedal is engaged. If your shocks have become worn, this could mean your vehicle will be less likely to stop when and where you need.

Bad shocks can add up to 10 feet to your stopping distance. Worn shock absorbers can cause brake dive, and bad shocks can cause problems including excessive bounce, sway, body roll, or any other unexpected suspension system movements. It is important to have shocks that are well-maintained and in proper working order in order to maintain proper braking and handling. If you need shock replacement in Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN, please call People’s Choice Auto Repair. (865) 272-3379