Brake Repair

Brake Repair Services

A properly functioning brake system is vital to the safety of you, your passengers, other inhabitants of the roadways. The brake system in your vehicle is comprised of highly technical, precisely engineered parts. Each of which has fine, precise movements that help stop your vehicle quickly by creating thermal energy out of your vehicle’s kinetic energy. So if you have brake issues and need brake repair in Oak Ridge or Knoxville, TN, give People’s Choice Auto Repair a call at (865) 272-3379.

When you depress the brake pedal, your vehicle’s master cylinder pressurizes hydraulic brake lines that lead to each of the four wheels, causing the brake pads or shoes to press against a drum or disc, creating large amounts of friction which slow the vehicle to a total stop. Over time and with continued use, this friction and the resulting heat will wear down your brake shoes, brake pads, brake rotors, calipers, and other components of your braking system. There are a number of warning signs that indicate the potential for brake system failure, so be sure to stay alert.

Make Sure That Your Vehicle Remains Safe with Properly Functioning Brakes. Call Us for Brake Repairs Throughout Oak Ridge, TN.

Benefits of Brake Repair

When your brakes wear down, you may notice a squealing or grinding noise whenever you press the brake pedal. This indicates worn brake pads that may require replacement. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when braking, this may point to worn brakes, low brake fluid in your lines, or a malfunctioning caliper. If you have “spongy” brakes – a brake pedal that presses down too easily – there may be too much air in your hydraulic brake lines. Sometimes, the electronic diagnostic system in your vehicle will alert you to a potential issue with your brakes by flashing a service indicator light on your dashboard.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to have a professional assess your vehicle’s brake system and determine if any components need to be repaired or replaced. At People’s Choice Auto Repair, we provide expert brake repair in Oak Ridge, Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding area. Be sure to give us a call at (865) 272-3379.