Air Conditioning Services

AC System Repair Services

The air conditioning system inside your car provides a comfortable environment inside the passenger cabin. During normal operation of your motor vehicle, significant amounts of heat are generated by the engine, road, and sun. Your vehicle’s AC system provides cool, purified air and circulates this air throughout the cabin through a series of processes that involve refrigerated liquids (known as refrigerants). The refrigerant is responsible for removing heat from the cabin and goes through a cycle of compression, condensation, and circulation. If you think you may need air conditioning repair in Oak Ridge, Knoxville, TN, or the surrounding area, be sure to call People’s Choice Auto Repair at (865) 272-3379.

The compression cycle is powered by your vehicle’s drive belt and the compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the AC system. Here it’s transformed from a hot gas into a liquid and then cooled. This liquid is converted into a gas once again. Then pressurized and vaporized prior to being released into the cabin in the form of cool air.

Air Conditioning Services
During Those Warmer Months, Make Sure That Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System is Able to Keep You Cool.

Symptoms of a Faulty AC

Like all aspects of auto maintenance, it’s important to repair any problems with your vehicle’s AC system as early as possible. This will help to prevent further damage and extensive, expensive repairs. For instance, let’s say your AC operates for very long with low refrigerant due to a leak. Your compressor will eventually become damaged and need to be replaced. This can actually be much more expensive than sealing a leak and adding refrigerant.

There are various red flags to watch for that indicates a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Maybe there’s an inoperative fan or blower motor, unusual noises during operation, and reduced cooling capabilities. If your air smells stale, this could be a sign that something is wrong with your system such as a clogged evaporator, compressor, condenser, or expansion valve. If you think you may be having problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, be sure to contact People’s Choice Auto Repair for a full range of air conditioning repair in Oak Ridge, TN and the surrounding area. Call us at (865) 272-3379.