4 Signs Your Car Air Conditioner Is In Trouble

4 Signs Your Car Air Conditioner Is In Trouble

Your car’s air conditioner plays a vital role in the comfort of your daily commutes.While it is most inconvenient in the heat of summer, any time your car’s A/C fails can be frustrating. Today we will tell you some tell-tale signs of A/C failure that can save you money and frustration. As with all car problems, spotting and repairing A/C trouble early on will lead to faster and less expensive repairs.

Rattling, Whistling, Or Other Strange Sounds

When you turn on the A/C, the only sound you should hear is the fan blowing. Any strange sounds that accompany the turning on of your system can indicate issues with your compressor, but potentially something worse. Be sure to have it checked out right away!

Leaking Coolant

Occasionally, your coolant hose can become damaged and leak. When the coolant hose starts leaking, your A/C will be failing in no time, so be sure to replace the hose before the lack of coolant adds more wear and tea to your A/C.

Temperature Fluctuations

If your vehicle seems to be having trouble maintaining a steady temperature, this is an indication that something is wrong. Generally speaking, it indicates water in the hoses, which is a simple fix, but can lead to smelly problems if not fixed promptly.

Mold, Mildew, Or Bacteria Smells

While the average car owner doesn’t sample swabs from their A/C and create lab cultures, most people are fairly familiar with the smell of bacteria. Any sort of mildewy smells coming out of your vents are not a good sign, and should be addressed immediately for your health, as well as your vehicle’s health! Thankfully, this type of repair is very inexpensive, as well as beneficial.

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